Highlands Pediatrician Named Kentucky's 2017 CDC Childhood Immunization Champion

March 15, 2018

 Prestonsburg, KY- Mazen Jaafar, MD, Pediatrician at Children’s Care of Eastern Kentucky, was recently honored and named 2017 CDC Childhood Immunization Champion for the state of Kentucky. The award recognizes individuals who make a significant contribution toward improving public health through their work in childhood immunization. 

Dr. Jaafar has dedicated his career to caring and treating his young patients and educating their parents. He has served as Chief of Pediatrics for Highlands Medical Center, and has been a pediatrician with Children’s Care of Eastern Kentucky for more than 23 years. Knowing firsthand what outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases can do to a community, Dr. Jaafar has worked hard to promote vaccines and educate vaccine hesitant parents about the different diseases and the dangers that the community could face if parents reject or delay vaccines. Dr. Jaafar collaborates with local Health Departments to ensure that the parents of his patients receive and understand the importance of vaccines and immunization schedules.  
 All of Highlands Health System is proud in recognizing and congratulating Dr. Jaafar as 2017 CDC Childhood Immunization Champion for the state of Kentucky!